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NAD 3020, NAD1020

NAD 3020 BASIC FIXED PRICE OVERHAUL (plus 3120,3220 and all i/E/A/B variants) - £158

(Note - not 7020 receiver)

The second most popular amplifier seen here at ARS with almost 250 examples having passed through the workshop to date (Oct 22). As well as repairing any faults all common problem areas are checked for and rectified under the basic fixed price repair, in particular all controls (tone, volume, switches etc) are all carefully cleaned and lubricated to return them to a serviceable noise and crackle free condition and treated to deter future deterioration.  For discerning owners this is one of the most comprehensive overhauls offered anywhere and each overhaul usually spans a full day on the workbench  (price includes return carriage to a mainland UK address)





Additional Options to above:


Uses high quality Nichicon audio grade capacitors from their FGKWKA and FW range  

If your NAD makes odd noises on first switching on and even hums slightly it is usually a good

indication that a number of electrolytics have failed in which case this option is recommended. In particular those blue/violet electrolytics used have a very poor tolerance indeed compared to modern replacements.   Restore the sound of your tired old NAD 3020 to one as good as the day it left the factory ! Click here for explanation of why electrolytics might need replacing.


A number of customers have enquired in the past about an alternative to the cheap inadequate spring terminals which this modification solves.  High quality UK manufactured screw terminal binding posts which also take 4mm banana plugs are installed in parallel with the existing terminals. 

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