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The most popular amplifier in the workshop with almost 700 examples overhauled here to date. Start with the basic £145 service below and add additional options below as required/desired.


This option will return a faulty Cyrus One or Two to full working order and includes the return postage back to a mainland UK address. It includes as part of the repair:

  • A number of the electrolytic capacitors known to be a regular common point of failure with these 25+ yr old amplifiers are routinely replaced with high quality long life replacements ( Nichicon audio grade components)

  • Full rebuilding/refurbishment of the troublesome Alps input selector switches with all contacts returned to as new condition (now includes gold electroplating to further enhance durability) and a final treatment with DeoxIT Gold to limit future tarnishing.

  • All other common defects are checked for and rectified of which many exist and a number of these almost always affect most amplifiers seen with owners being unaware. With over 120  examples passing through the workshop annually there are few if any faults that are new to ARS!

  • Following repair the output stage biasing is checked and reset as required

  • Full audio performance test (power output, distortion, noise and frequency response) to ensure full compliance with the original Mission specification.

Following overhaul and a period on test a comprehensive repair report is supplied along with an invoice which can be paid through Paypal (note that the repair service only covers electronic faults - cosmetic faults with the casing such as broken plastic tabs, peeling paint, missing labels or knobs etc cannot be rectified under this service).


Replacement of all electrolytics  - add £30

This is the most popular option chosen by the majority of Cyrus owners. In total approximately 30 electrolytics are replaced with high quality Nichicon components throughout. This option is recommended especially if you use the phono stage or own a well used example of the Cyrus One/Two usually left on 24/7 as a high percentage of the onboard electrolytics will be found either having completely failed or will be well outside of the original tolerance.  This doesn't include the 2 large very high quality main PSU electrolytics which are still in a perfect condition in all examples seen meaning replacement is an unnecessary expense for most owners. If you do wish these  to be also replaced however then a £55 option is available for all electrolytics plus the PSU capacitors. (click here for explanation of why electrolytics might need replacing)


Record Selector Switch Overhaul - add £19

Rarely used by most owners but if you use it to route any of your input sources on via the Tape Out sockets (e.g to a headphone amp) then this will return the switch to as new condition with gold plated internal contacts as per the input selector.


Bipolar electrolytics bypassed with Wima film capacitors - add £15

This  upgrade is identical to that originally carried out by Mission for the Cyrus Two Signature edition,  It involves mainly the phono stage but also the two bipolar input electrolytics for each PA stage.


PSX power supply shipped with Cyrus Two - add £52

This covers full inspection, testing and any minor repairs necessary not including the PSU capacitors or transformer. Cyrus PSX power supplies either work or they don't - there is absolutely nothing to routinely 'service' in these whatsoever. If it doesn't work there is very little to go wrong other than a large 500VA transformer, a few rectifier diodes and a set of very expensive 15000uF capacitors. Occasionally the main power switch will fail as this switches full mains voltage and not dc as on the amplifier itself. A faulty Cyrus Two will usually blow one or both of the two fast blow 4A fuses inside the PSX.

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