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It covers all labour for fault finding and repair and covers the costs of all components used  The only exceptions may be if the mains transformer or obsolete and expensive output devices have failed or large high grade power supply smoothing capacitors need replacing and in this case you will be contacted first before any repairs proceed. The amplifier is also given a full performance test to ensure it is within manufacturer specification and a soak test into a test load.

Finally it covers the return cost of shipping back to you via courier (to UK mainland only and insured to the average used value)

All repairs use high quality replacement components sourced through authorised distributers and are of equivalent or higher quality than that originally used. This is to avoid the risk of counterfeit semiconductors which are now widely available (often unwittingly) via smaller non authorised outlets and auction sites in particular. This is increasingly  the case for long obsolete semiconductors and where possible ARS will always use a carefully selected tried and tested modern equivalent  in current production which is almost always a better specification than original anyway.

Note that if the internals of your amplifier have been extensively burnt or damaged beyond sensible economic repair (e.g severe PCB damage) then it is unlikely to be considered repairable within the constraints of the fixed price quoted and it will either incur additional costs or be returned unrepaired. This also applies to 'basket cases' purchased off Ebay which have spent most of their life in a damp shed with subsequent internal corrosion to almost everything metal!  ARS do not repair equipment which has non standard circuit modifications as any sort of future repair guarantee cannot be offered in such cases.

In the event of repair not being possible which does occur with a very small percentage of equipment then there is no diagnosis fee and you will simply be charged the cost of courier return.


Yes - for a period of 3 months from the date of receipt the amplifier will be repaired free of charge if the same fault reoccurs causing failure of the same component(s) or due to replacement components fitted. This does not apply if the fault is found to be different from that originally repaired and a fee will be charged in that case (i.e it is not a 3 month warranty covering everything that subsequently goes wrong in your HiFi system!)


Once repair and a period of testing is complete you will be emailed a comprehensive repair report along with an invoice which is payable by Paypal. Following payment your repaired amplifier is then promptly dispatched back via UPS (normally a 1 to 2 day Mon - Fri service). Most customers are in receipt of their repaired amplifier from  1 to 2 weeks after they originally dispatched it for repair.


Customers are supplied with comprehensive instructions on how to safely pack an amplifier for transit in order to survive normal courier handling without damage. if you heed the advice it will arrive here in the same condition it was sent. A minority of customers seem to ignore the advice though and are rewarded with an amplifier often damaged beyond repair!

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