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Since Brexit this repair service is for UK based customers/amplifiers only

Please note only the following amplifier models are repaired

(and nothing else)

Arcam - Alpha 7,8, Alpha 9, Delta  290, Delta 60

A&R Cambridge - A60

Creek CAS 4040

Mission Cyrus One/Two

Musical Fidelity A1, B1, MA50

NAD - 3020, 1020, 3120, 3130, 3240


The form below can be used to contact ARS (located in east Suffolk) . Please provide the following information in the message field:

Amplifier serial number or approx age. Full details of fault and any other symptoms - e.g smoke, noise or smell and which inputs used when fault occurred (e.g phono or line in?). All amplifiers must be in standard condition and not modified.

Home cinema/AV surround sound receivers/car audio equipment/subwoofers/CD Players/Tuners/receivers are not repaired


This contact form is provided for actual repair enquiries only from customers located in the United Kingdom. Regretfully the resources aren't available to continually advise DIY enthusiasts on fault remedies or act as a source for spare parts and you are directed to this excellent site instead  DIY Audio or please try FarnellMouser or Digikey for components.

Have a read here for @Amplifierrepair on Twitter (embedded timeline not working now since Twitter changes)

Thank you for your message. All genuine repair enquiries are normally responded to within 1 working day (Mon - Fri).

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